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   included in EVERY ParaToys Package

Velocity Edge Paraglider
•Two Year Warranty
•Risk and Reward DVD
•Wooden Propeller
•Glider Stuff Sack
Kestrel Frame
(Foot Launch Packages)
BlackHawk Comfort Harness (foot Launch Packages)
Rhino Cage (Low Boy Packages)
•Flight suit or Flight Jacket

•Wind sock
•Prop covers
•Tool kit
•Spare parts
Assembly DVD
•ParaToys Training DVD
•Glider/line repair kit
•ParaToys PStar Training DVD
•Paramotor Bible

Engine Manual
•Fuel mixer
R90 ParaMotor
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included in even paramotor package
  Package items are subject to change without notice

Everything you need to fly
 for only $6995.00

"Except the gas"


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Elektra Paraglider is Now EN-B CERTIFIED!

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" the Revolver ParaMotor "



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Are you
 An advanced pilot looking for a lightweight yet durable weight shift frame?
This is it. Our Elite Team BlackHawk members have been working side by side with our R & D team designing this to be
 the highest performance, strongest lightweight cage available in the paramotor market today.
Check out the full details on the Team BlackHawk Pro Series Paramotor here


Ever wondered if you had the space?
If your car could transport a


Let alone the Quad - MZ 34-313 package?

A True Story of Portability and Size
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A behind the scenes look at a ParaToys Paraglider undergoing stability tests


Visit the  Canadian Black Hawk Paramotors Website

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The ParaToys Velocity Edge Paragliders

 Are as safe as a beginner gliders should be AND

 can perform extreme maneuvers keeping even the most experienced pilots enjoying their purchase


Got 6 minutes and 6 seconds

See what it's like to make a power off landing from 2500ft.

" For most aircraft this is called an Emergency Landing and the pilot sweats big time "


Why do pilots buy ParaToys Powered Paragliders and Black Hawk Paramotors

15 to 1

over all others Paramotor brands?

John Travolta and Jack Gill on the set of the movie "Wild Hogs" with his
Black Hawk Paramotor

Jack Gill, Stunt coordinator and paramotor pilot with John Travolta on the set of the movie "Wild Hogs" with his Black Hawk Paramotor.

Many stars including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Harrison Ford, and John Travolta have fallen in love with various forms of aviation. William Shatner embraced PPG several years ago. John Travolta may be the sport's next powered paragliding celebrity pilot.

ParaToys is proud to offer the highest quality

Paramotor & Paraglider Package on the market today!

Why Black Hawk?

Here are 7 very good reasons

1. Black Hawk systems are renowned for superb craftsmanship

2. Black Hawk systems integrate functionality in a truly exceptional design

3. Black Hawk systems feature ergonomic design principles

4. Black Hawk systems are rate #1 for ease of launch

5. Black Hawk systems are designed with great weight shift capabilities in mind

6. Black Hawk systems are portable and designed with real world use in mind; go from your trunk to flight in 5 Minutes

7. Black Hawk systems provide extreme in flight comfort
(your back will thank you)



It is very rare in this world to be able to buy Mercedes Benz quality at a KIA price, but that is exactly the case with the Black Hawk flying package.

Powered Paragliding is an amazing innovation in aviation.

  For the first time, an aircraft is simple enough to fly that no license is required in the USA. So small that it can be transported in the trunk of your car and when you're not using it can be stored in your closet.

Affordable so that virtually anyone can own one.

  Powered Paragliders systems consists of 2 major parts, the paramotor and the paraglider. A paramotor is essentially the power pack that produces thrust and in turn, lift. For foot launching the paramotor also houses the pilot’s seat. The motor is controlled by a throttle mounted on a cable and is held by the pilot as well as strapped to the pilot’s hand. The Black Hawk paramotors are some of the most powerful motors available in terms of thrust to weight ratio. These motors allow us to soar to great heights in very little time.

Safer then riding a motorcycle.

  The paraglider is a fabric wing that forms it’s airfoil through the air pressure entering its vents. It’s surprisingly ridged when pressurized. The combination of these to parts allow you incredible control in the air. Cruising from inches off the ground to soaring above the clouds, you can launch and go almost anywhere with a powered paraglider. If you you've purchase a competitors engine and it fails, the paraglider is a highly efficient wing which will allow you to glide back down to land, in fact, most landing are done with the motor off. A flight can last a long as 4 hours with a range of 100 miles depending on your equipment.

 Imagine pulling up to a field and in about 5 minutes having your aircraft assembled and ready to fly.



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ParaToys and Black Hawk Testimonials

Black Hawk Paramotor Cages

The BlackHawk Rhino XXLT Paramotor Cage. This new design of our famous Rhino cage can now accommodate a 54 inch prop for massive thrust! Has more supports at key point making its structure much stronger with out adding weight. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and Tig welded for unbelievable strength and light weight.

The BlackHawk Kestrels are becoming the most sought-after units on the market, and boast the best overall performance of any setup currently in production. Black Hawk Paramotors has set a new industry standard with the Kestrel line of ultra-lightweight frames. The frame alone weighs in at only 8.5 lbs, and is extremely  durable.  The Kestrel comes in 2 models: The Kestrel Standard and Kestrel Pro.

We have the #1 selling Paramotor in America! 


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