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Sizes 25,28,30,33


Size 36


Size 42

The Velocity Edge paraglider is the next generation of our ever-popular “Paratoys III” Paraglider. This extremely well-rounded glider is suitable for both new and advanced Paramotor pilots. The Velocity Edge continues to provide super-easy launch characteristics, amazing lift, and unmatched stability while in flight. BlackHawk & Velocity designs every product we produce with safety in mind FIRST.  We want our customers to feel confident and safe in the air. The Velocity Edge provides just that, allowing pilots to enjoy this sport to it’s fullest.  By unitizing the latest materials available in the Paragliding industry, this glider is lighter than ever and built to last. The Velocity Edge is a fully certified in the beginner/intermediate Afnor Standard category for our size 28 glider.  Order yours today and get that ”Edge” you are looking for!
    • Super easy launching in no wind conditions
    • Single A’s for easy riser handling in forward or reverse launching
    • Sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up
    • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy
    • Heavy lines for Paramotoring
    • Clearly marked A and D risers
    • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling
    • High quality Brake pulleys
    • Very high in flight visibility for pilot safety
    • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings
    • Highest quality materials
    • Two year warranty*


Size: Weight Range – lbs: Weight Range – Kg:
25m² 154lbs – 198lbs 70kg – 90kg
28m² 190lbs – 242lbs 86kg - 110kg
30m² 220lbs – 288lbs 100kg - 131kg
33m² 253lbs – 319lbs 115kg - 145kg
36m² 286lbs – 410lbs 130kg - 186kg
42m² 319lbs – 500lbs 145kg - 225kg
*ParaToys two year manufacture defect warranty is the longest in the industry.



The Velocity Elektra Paraglider

Velocity Paragliders USA has done it again!
We have provided our customers with exactly what they asked for… “A high-performance crossover wing that will fit the needs of both motored and free flight pilots. The NEW versatile Elektra Paraglider made it’s debut at the 2013 Salton Sea Fly-In, and pilots were lining up to test-fly it. Since then, it has become our best-selling, most sought-after glider for both beginner and advanced pilots. Top-rated pilots from around the world are raving about the Elektra’s incredible lift characteristics, one of them stating “It’s the closest feeling to free flight I’ve ever experienced with a motor on my back!” As with all of our products, safety is never sacrificed for performance. Boasting an amazing 9.4:1 glide ratio, the efficiency of this wing will allow you to use less fuel, stay in the air longer, and reduce the wear on your engine. The Elektra is constructed to the highest standards from the lightest, most durable materials available in the industry. Did we mention it costs over $1000 less than most comparable gliders on the market? Velocity Paragliders USA produces all their own gliders, therefore eliminating “middle-man” or import costs. Order yours today and join the growing list of amazed pilots!
  • Incredibly smooth launch characteristics with fast & easy inflation
  • Precise handling with light brake pressure
  • Amazing lift and efficiency
  • Dominico 2RS material – extremely durable with excellent UV Protection
  • Ultra-lightweight (Size 26m² is only 11lbs)
  • Flexible Rods to retain leading edge shape
  • Incredible 9.4:1 Glide Ratio
  • Qualifies for the EN B category (currently in testing)
  • 17mm (5/8″) Paramotor Risers with Trims
  • Split A’s for easy “big ears”
  • Clearly marked risers
  • Sewn-in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris
  • Easy to spot centering graphic
  • Swivels on brake toggles to prevent tangling
  • High quality brake pulleys
  • Velcro openings in wingtips to aid in the removal of debris from your glider
  • Very high in-flight visibility for pilot safety
  • Clean, crisp turning and high-energy flair landings
  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • Two year warranty*

  • Plus these extra's
    • Speed Bar
    • Your choice of Risers
    • Stuff Sack
    • Operation and Care Manual
    • Velocity Paragliders USA’s commitment to the Highest Quality, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction in the Paragliding/Paramotor World

    Available in Sizes

    20m², 23m², 26m²,
    28m², 30m², 33m²


    Size Weight Range – lbs Weight Range – Kg
    20m² 110lbs – 165lbs 50kg – 74kg
    23m² 140lbs – 195lbs 64kg - 90kg
    26m² 180lbs – 235lbs 82kg - 106kg
    28m² 200lbs – 265lbs 90kg - 120kg
    30m² 235lbs – 315lbs 106kg - 144kg
    33m² 265lbs – 395lbs 120kg - 180kg


    Velocity Velocity Nitro Paraglider  Paraglider
          The Velocity Nitro is a one-of-a-kind Paraglider, on the forefront of Reflex Technology. Velocity Paragliders first made their mark in the world of truly high-performance XC Paragliders with the introduction of the Velocity Recon.

          After years of being an international best-seller, and the glider of choice for many of the sport’s top pilots,  Velocity Paragliders has decided to take the next great leap. Input from Team Pilots and the incorporation of the most modern industry technology has birthed this next-generation phenomenon.

          The Nitro features a sleek, high aspect ratio, providing for ultra-efficiency and unsurpassed agility. The latest in Reflex Technology creates responsiveness and handling like that of a race car. The Velocity Nitro possesses a unique flat profile and was designed to achieve incredible speeds while maintaining maximum stability. The most durable and modern materials are used in the construction of the Nitro. For example, newly added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens enhance strength while keeping the ultralight weight Velocity Paragliders are known for. The newest, most advanced tip-steering toggles provide pilots with a broad range of control and precision handling in various flight conditions.  

         The Nitro is a shining example of Velocity’s commitment to providing customers with the absolute best the sport has to offer… Best quality, best performance, and best value. Like the Velocity Recon, once flown, the Nitro will be the only wing you’ll want to fly!  Please note that this is an intermediate/advanced glider, and it’s recommended for experienced pilots (not beginners) who are looking for a high performance XC glider.


    *Speed Bar

    *Your choice of Color

    *Stuff Sack

    *Operation and Care Manual




    Velocity Nitro Paraglider Colors


    18,  22,  25,  27 29,  31,  34

    All Sizes  -  $3,450


    Pilot Weight Range

    18m²       -    91lbs – 118lbs    (41kg – 54kg)

    22m²      -    129lbs – 162lbs    (59kg – 73kg)

    25m²      -    158lbs – 195lbs    (72k – 89kg)

    27m²    -    177lbs – 217lbs    (80kg – 98kg)

    29m²    -    196lbs – 239lbs   (89kg – 109kg)

    31m²    -    215lbs – 261lbs    (98kg – 118kg)

    34    –    243lbs – 294lbs    (110kg – 133kg)


    Velocity Nitro Paraglider DEMO

    Team BlackHawk Pilots Get Their First Look:

    The picture to the left shows BlackHawk’s German Team Pilot Christoph Buecker looking at the Velocity Nitro for the first time. The finalized Nitro prototype made its debut at the end of 2013. Team Pilots & Instructors ventured into Mexico for a week to test the wing in various conditions. The consensus?… The total”wow factor” was achieved! These discriminating Team Pilots were blown away at the speed, agility, and efficiency of Velocity’s latest creation. Mike Robinson of Velocity commented “nothing we design sub-par. It’s this constant drive to produce the best-of-the-best that keeps us on the forefront of this growing industry. It was a challenge to beat the design of our Velocity Recon Paraglider. It’s been a best-seller for years and one of the finest Reflex Paragliders on the market. I was very pleased that the Nitro exceeded the expectations of every single Team Pilot who test-flew it.” If you are like the BlackHawk Team Pilots and wondering “where can I get a Nitro,” Call


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