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The Powered Paragliding Bible
by: Jeff Goin

Risk & Reward

A must for all pilots, beginner and advanced, this DVD covers fundamental's that are certain to save wear on your equipment, your body, and your wallet.

Jammed into 70 action packed minutes, Risk and Reward covers everything from getting starting in Powered Paragliding to the 4 most common causes of injury and more importantly how to avoid them!

Risk & Reward
Learn about PPG with William Shatner
70 min Instructional

Reg. $36.95

On Sale $29.95 Limited Offer

Comfort Kiting Harness
Carabineers not included

Compact Hook safety knife for paragliding PPG w/Sheath - Click Image to Close

Compact Hook safety knife for paragliding PPG w/Sheath


This comes complete with knife and knife sheath.

When things go bad you are sure to appreciate this emergency knife. This is a must have tool for both powered and unpowered paragliding, skydiving, scuba diving, offshore gamefishermen, offroad enthusists, pilots, Medics, Lifeguards.

It will quickly and easily cut through webbing, paraglider line or any other material that needs to be cut without endangering the person using it. 

 Let the razor do its job and most importantly, prepare to be released.

Blade Material: Rust Resistant High Carbon Stainless
Blade Length: 1.25"
Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon

Cutting a paraglider line or harness is not a big deal; we do line and harness repairs.

Paraglider Paragliding paramotor PPG Radio holder - Click Image to Close

 PPG Radio holder


 Paragliding/PPG/Paramotoring and Ultralight radio holder

It is lightweight and durable, made of Ballistic cordura. It is fully adjustable to fit any size radio, from the smallest motorola talkabout to an ICOM. The radio is easily in reach and firmly held in place. Attaches securely to to any 2" strap on your harness. Radio is not included.

Black Hawk Radio Chest Harness
Price: $49.95

Black Hawk prop covers

Save Propeller nicks that slow you down and cause unstable flights.

Black Hawk Throttle

Black Hawk Harness

Price: $425.95

Black Hawk Gas Tank

Wooden Propeller Canadian Made
(No bolts/Prop plate)

There's NO excuse for not having a spare

BlackHawk Reserve Chute BEST Reserve parachutes
$675.00 to $825.00
(depending on size)

Large 23.7 SqM. $675.00
XLarge 30.4 SqM $675.00
XXLarge 33.4SqM $675.00
XXXLarge 60 SqM $825.00

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Stuff Sack

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